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What looks great this season?  Sheer Skin

Sheer skin is skin that looks natural. No heavy makeup and clear, fresh skin. Ever admired someone with clear skin?

Wondered how they do it? Well there are some that are blessed with it, but here are some ideas for the rest of us (Continued after the video):

Your mom was right: You are what you eat. What is your skin telling you? That you moved in with Ronald McDonald? Eating whole, alive foods, such as lettuce, tomato, strawberries, grapes, herbs like parsley would do so much good to your body and complexion.

Drink at least 8-8 oz glasses of water per day. Drinking this clear liquid (not lemonade, tea, or juice) will flush out impurities and hydrate your skin. Don’t like water?

Try adding your favorite fresh fruit, like lemon, strawberries, to name a couple. Who knows? By doing this you may become a member of the H2O fan club!

Get 7-8 hours of restful sleep. It is during this time that the body naturally repairs itself and without sleep, the body has to work overtime. So, when you get the luggage under your eyes and you look the crypt-keeper, your body is alerting you that you need to take it slow…

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize. There’s no way around it. Doing this both morning and night will ensure healthy looking skin. Think about it. For example, let’s look at your living room. As dust particles settle on your furniture, it leaves an ashen appearance. Without dusting, you will have a real problem on your hands. So, you can see how important this is.

Every 28 days or so, our skin cells reproduce itself. As the new cells come, the older cells die. They hang onto the skin for dear life. Without exfoliation, the process of removing these dead skin cells, the complexion will look dull and almost ashy in appearance. Makeup will not look the same and the skin will have a sluggish feel to it.

De-Stress Your Life.  It is easy to get down and out in our microwave lifestyle, with our To-Do Lists, cell phones, social media and the like. Worrying will destroy any bright day and it will definitely ruin your complexion. When you are stressed, the body excretes different hormones because it thinks your body is under attack. The result can be very serious.

Let’s focus. Think about your past. Haven’t your worried before and you made it? Play some music and dance. Take time to smell the roses. When is the last time you looked at a sunset? Talk to someone. When was the last time you told someone “Good Morning” or even complimented, someone? Prayer changes things. Once you relax, you will be able to think clearly and that problem you thought was so big, was just that—a thought.

Doing these few things will get you lots of compliments about your glowing complexion!